• Covid-19: Guidance For Dental Visits During Crisis
    If you are experiencing a dental issue, you may have questions about whether or not you should visit your dentist during the Covid-19 pandemic. This post is to help you Read more
  • Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants
    If you have lost a tooth or two because of gum disease, trauma, or decay, there are various ways that Gargano Family Dentistry in North Haven, CT, can help. Led Read more
  • Oral Health Information and Tips for Older Adults
    Oral Health Information and Tips for Older Adults Effects of aging and medications. Ways to prevent and treat common issues. It may come as a surprise to you that in contrast to Read more
  • Signs That You May Need Root Canal Therapy
    How do you know if you might need a root canal? There are some noticeable signs and symptoms you need to know about. Having root canal therapy can save you Read more
  • Proper Denture Care
    While dentures won’t last forever they can certainly last many years before needing to be relined or replaced. How you care for them will also determine how long they last. Read more
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You Your Smile Back
    When you have a smile that you can be proud of, it makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable when socializing and handling your professional affairs. It’s worth your while Read more
  • Colorectal Cancer Awareness
    As health care professionals, the staff at Gargano Family Dentistry not only cares about your smile; we are dedicated to providing our patients with health care information for the whole Read more
  • Children's Dental Health Month-Tips to keep your child's teeth healthy and their smiles bright
    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! In honor of National Children's Dental Health Month this February, we're sharing some of the important facts that earned this health issue its own Read more
  • Which Type of Dentures Is Right for You?
    How dentures from your dentists in North Haven, CT, can give you back your smile If you are missing teeth, you are probably having trouble chewing your food. You may have Read more
  • Thanksgiving Dental Tips
    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for! And of course, indulge in lots of yummy foods! Unfortunately, holiday feasts can expose your Read more
  • Faqs About Dentures
    Dentures can restore your smile by replacing several missing teeth. Dentures can replace an entire row of missing teeth or only some teeth along an arch when there are still Read more
  • Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
    Is it time you turned to cosmetic dentistry to get the smile you deserve? It’s amazing how much our smiles can affect our appearance and our self-esteem. If you feel awkward Read more
  • What to do if you crack a tooth
      Ouch! Chomp on something your tooth didn’t like? Or get hit in the mouth with a baseball? If you think you may have a cracked tooth, or if you’re holding a piece Read more
  • Have you checked you blood pressure today?
      May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month Have you checked your blood pressure recently?   In the spirit of raising awareness for what is considered one of the leading causes of death Read more
  • Can Dental Crowns Help Me?
    Dental crowns can help you in several ways. They can be used to conceal cosmetic imperfections, such as stains or discolorations. They also protect cracked or chipped teeth from worsening. Read more
  • Oral Cancer Awareness Month
    IS A KILLER HIDING RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE ??     Each year in the U.S. alone, approximately 48,250 individuals are newly diagnosed with oral cancer. Unfortunately at this time the majority are Read more

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